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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Crime Inc. Episode on Counterfeit Goods

I sometimes watch Crime Inc. on CNBC. The episode I recently watched was on counterfeit products being sold in the U.S. The show pinpointed the dangers of buying these goods: contributing to the loss of U.S. jobs, hurting the economy, promoting "sweat shop" low-paying labor, and increasing safety hazards.

After watching this episode, I began to wonder if the battery I bought for the Roomba (which caused my house fire) was a counterfeit product. When I put the battery in, I noticed that there was no product marking like the old battery had. Yet, the battery looked exactly like the old one and fit perfectly. It obviously was defective, and may have not been approved for use in a Roomba.

From now on, I will be paying attention to my purchases, particularly electrical items. I buy a lot from E-bay, and I occasionally go to flea markets (which is probably the worst place for counterfeit products) for good deals. If you do the same, be VERY careful. After what recently happened, I will not buy any electrical product unless it is brand named.