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Sunday, June 18, 2017

My Favorite TV Game Show - The Price Is Right

During my leukemia treatment in 2009, I got hooked on the CBS daytime game show The Price Is Right. I watched it every day in my hospital room, and have watched it every day since then. One thing I enjoy doing when I'm daydreaming or trying to fall asleep is to make up my own descriptions of the game show's pricing games as if I'm the host. I'm going to start posting these on this blog, so I can document them and show other TPIR fans that I know these games! My goal is to post at least two game descriptions per week, so follow this blog and check back. No copyright infringements are intended in listing the games here. However, my descriptions of these games are my property, are copyrighted to me, and can not be used without my permission.

Pay The Rent

The first game I'm going to describe is the one with the biggest payout and hype: Pay The Rent

Begin description: "You get to play our biggest payout game on The Price Is Right. Now, you will start out earning an easy $1,000. But, you could also win $5,000; $10,000; or maybe even $100,000 if you play this game well. Now to win money, you need to put those grocery items over there in that house over there, and you need to place items on each floor so that the total manufacturer's retail price of those items is higher than the items you put on the floor below. So, you're going to put an item in the mailbox. That will be your free thousand bucks if you want it later. Then, you're going to put two items on the first floor. The total of those two items must be greater than the price of the item you put in the mailbox. Then, you're going to put two more items on the second floor and the total of those items must total more than the items you put on the first floor. Then, you will have one item left, and that one goes in the attic. I will give you two hints: Putting the items in order from least expensive to most expensive doesn't work well. You will very likely not win the $100,000 if you do that. Also, the item in the attic will always be the most expensive item. After you win money, you can stop along the way and keep what you've won because if you make a mistake along the way, you lose everything, and the game is over. Now while you think about where you're going to put those items, George will describe them to you. Take it away George. (George finishes his description.) Are you ready to win some big money? Go ahead and start putting items in your house." After the player places the items in the house and gets the $1,000.) Now (player,) you have a free thousand bucks right now. You can keep going and try to get $5,000. But, like I said, if you make a mistake along the way, you lose everything. Do you want to keep your thousand bucks or keep playing, (and so on until all the items are placed in the house.)

Magic #

The second game I'm going to describe is my favorite game: Magic # or Magic Number

(Assuming the prizes to play for are a loveseat and a big screen TV)

Begin Description: Now, I'm going to tell you that the loveseat is priced less than the TV. What you need to do is use this lever to select a number which is higher than the price of the loveseat but lower than the price of the TV. That's your magic number. If you select a number in between the prices of those products, you win both.

Million Dollar Spectacular Game Idea  1/2 Off
My next description is a Million Dollar Spectacular game that I would love to see on TPIR.
It's 1/2 Off (Half-off.)

Begin Description: To win this game, you need to select the box that has the $10,000 in it. It's pretty hard to do right now because there's 16 boxes. But, you can eliminate empty boxes until you're down to just two boxes. For each set of items over there by (model,) you're going to tell me which item has the half-off price. For each time you do that, I'll take away half the boxes at a time until you're down to just two boxes. Now, here's a little addition that we put in this game today. If you can tell me right now which box the $10,000 is in, and you are correct in selecting all the half-off items, and you've chosen the right box, I will give you $1,000,000 instead of $10,000. Go ahead and tell me what box you think the $10,000 is in. (Player chooses box.) Now, you have to be very careful selecting the half-off prices. You need to get them all correct so that you have a chance to win the million dollars. If you don't, you won't get the million dollars, but you'll still have a chance to win $10,000 just like the game is regularly played. Also, if the box you chose disappears along the way, you won't get the million dollars, but you could still win the $10,000. While you carefully look at those items, I'll have George describe them for you. Go ahead George.  (If the box the player chose is eliminated while half of them disappear, here's the description:) I'm very sorry (player,) you're not going to get the million dollars, but you can still win $10,000.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Seven Year Bone Marrow Transplant And Eight Year Leukemia Survivor

Yesterday marked the seventh anniversary of the day I received my new stem cells from Marieke, a very generous and caring donor from Germany. This was also the day that my leukemia would finally be wiped out. As a result of this unforgettable and life-transforming event, I am cured. Also, to this day I am experiencing absolutely no physical complications from the transplant or Hyper-CVAD chemo.

To other leukemia victims, I hope that this strengthens your faith and hope. Keep it. It's the only way to beat this and other cancers!

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

More Vintage Florida Highway Signs From My Collection

While backing up my flash drives, I found a collection of old Florida highway sign photos which I may post on this blog in the future. Here's a few of them as a preview. Click on them to enlarge. If I don't get any feedback (look for my email at the right,) I may not post any more photos from my collection. I should note that I have very good photos to post further.

The first one is a neat Federal Aid Program sign I found in Tampa. Most people today would chuckle at seeing the "FAP" on this sign. Today, FAP stands for something else which I won't mention since this blog is not adult-oriented. There used to be a similar sign on Moon Lake Road in Pasco County (near Pasco-Hernando State College,) but it was removed before I had the chance to get a photo. That sign had S-587 on it.

These two photos of 80's era State Road 121 shields were taken in Gainesville a few years ago. They've been replaced.

I posted these S.R. 121 photos so that I can note an interesting feature about it that other Florida state roads don't have. It is a multi-state highway that runs from Florida to South Carolina. I believe, also, that this highway was originally supposed to be U.S. 23 from Folkston, Georgia to Gainesville, Florida.

These photos are copyrighted. Unauthorized use of them is prohibited.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Statistics

The National Cancer Institute has updated and current diagnosis and survival statistics of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (which is the same as Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.) There's good news and there's bad news. The bad news is that the number of cases is increasing for some reason. The good news is that the number of deaths are decreasing at a steady rate. I'm not sure if these figures include patients who undergo a stem cell transplant. Go to this website for more information from the NCI: https://seer.cancer.gov/statfacts/html/alyl.html.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Exposure To Cosmic Radiation Could Cause Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

I just read the article below about cosmic rays and the exact type of leukemia I had. I'm beginning to wonder if that's how I got it. I know that Earth's atmosphere and magnetic field does NOT prevent all cosmic radiation from reaching the planet surface. It's possible that it did cause my leukemia. If so, then this is amazing because of the possibility that cosmic rays from some distant star, nebula, black hole, or even another galaxy millions of light years away (the distance light travels in one million years) could have affected me so profoundly.


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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Florida Rails-To-Trails Supporter Hopeful For Massive Trail Network

Possible Future Rails-to-Trails Recreational Trail. Click to enlarge.

 Rails-To-Trails Guru Envisions Trail Between Gainesville and Leesburg Plus Huge Rails-To-Trails Loop In Central Florida

Barry Cavet and his wife are die-hard Rails-to-Trails fans in Florida. They have ridden every one that exists in the state. I am a fan, as well. I have ridden the West Orange Trail, The Cross-Seminole Trail, the Van Fleet State Trail, and the entire Withlacoochee State Trail. Now that I am cured of leukemia, I want to get back in to riding those trails.

"They're awesome. It's a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to get good exercise, and to ride where old train tracks helped Florida grow decades ago," he said.

Thousands of people enjoy these trails every year. They have proved to be money-makers, as well, contributing to several city and county economies. More trails are being planned for the future as Florida considers alternative modes of transportation for its ever-growing population. Planners are wanting to use abandoned railroad right-of-ways to build new trails. It's feasible because there are still many that have not been developed. "These railroads traveled through some of the most beautiful and scenic areas of the state," Cavet said. "They also have a significant historical background. Many of them carried famous passengers, goods, and cargo that helped develop the state over a century ago. This was before roads and highways existed. Just standing on these abandoned right-of-ways makes you feel that you've traveled back in time." Abandoned railroads are also convenient to use as recreational trails because the property is easier to acquire and develop. Zoning and permit costs are also reduced by building a trail in a rural area instead of in a city or along a highway. A bigger factor, however, that makes Rails-to-Trails popular is their safety.

"One thing we hate doing is riding our bikes on a street or highway in Florida. It's very risky now especially with the way people drive these days," Cavet said. "You have people on their phone, texting, not paying complete attention to the road, and driving recklessly." He adds that riding a bike on a street now carries an increasing chance of serious injury or death from a careless driver. Barry and I agree that these "out-of-the-way" trails are more enjoyable because they get you off those roads, they are quiet, and they are great places to "get away from it all."

One trail he enjoys using is the Van Fleet State Trail that runs from S.R. 50 in southern Sumter County to Polk City. "This trail takes you through the middle of nowhere, and I mean nowhere. The silence and lack of civilization might overwhelm you, but it's the perfect place to get out of the city and be all to yourself," he adds. I agree with what he says because I've ridden the trail a few times.

Cavet and I are hopeful for a future rail-to-trail between Gainesville and Leesburg. A railroad track, owned by the Atlantic Coastline Railroad in my youth, used to run from downtown Leesburg to the community of Rochelle, near Gainesville. Most of this railroad is gone now with only a segment of track existing from Candler to Lowell. This track is owned and maintained by Pinsly's Florida Northern Railroad. Cavet believes that FNOR will abandon the segment between Ocala and Lowell soon, perhaps within five years. "I just don't see Pinsly hanging on to this railroad north of Ocala much longer. I believe only one business is being served on it today. They can't be making a lot of money on that segment. Plus, they just recently abandoned their railroad from Newberry to High Springs which is a sign," Cavet said. I agree with his assessment. Another factor that may cause the track to be abandoned is the railroad's age. "It needs to be rebuilt and a lot of equipment needs replacing. If I was a business owner wanting to contract with FNOR and I saw how badly the railroad looked in some places, I probably would reconsider," Cavet added.  He also said that this railroad, most likely, would require at least a million dollars to rebuild.

Cavet mentions that the part of the railroad from Ocala to Candler is in much better shape and gets a lot more use. It may not be abandoned for quite some time. If FNOR decides to keep it a while longer, the recreational trail can still be built, and it could parallel the railroad to its ending in Candler. It then could run on the abandoned part of the railroad to Leesburg.

FNOR may have to let the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) know what their plans for the railroad are soon. The bridge that carries Pine Avenue (U.S. 301/441) over FNOR's railroad in Ocala is old and may need replacing or removal soon. Whether or not either of those options will happen depends a lot on Pinsly's plans for the railroad. The bridge replacement (or removal) will also depend on whether or not the railroad is turned into a recreational trail if it is abandoned. One of two options could be done. FDOT could completely remove the bridge and put the road down to surrounding ground level if the railroad is abandoned. Then, if the recreational trail is built, the trail could be routed to cross Pine Avenue at an existing traffic light crosswalk (either at U.S. 27 or Jacksonville Road.) The other option is that they could rebuild the bridge for the recreational trail (or the railroad if it stays.) But, I don't think that will be done as FDOT would, most likely, need to replace the bridge with a bigger, expanded one to prepare for a possible future widening of Pine Avenue. It would be less costly to completely remove the bridge and put the highway down to ground-level. Widening it after that would be easier and less expensive. If the railroad somehow remains and the bridge is removed, FDOT can build a new railroad crossing on Pine Avenue. The light train traffic wouldn't affect automobile traffic that much. Continuing on, there is another bridge in which FDOT may have to make a similar decision. It's the bridge on U.S. 441 south of Orange Lake that was never taken down after the railroad in that area was removed in the 80's. That bridge is getting old, as well, and carries a lot of traffic. I believe, in my opinion, that FDOT should remove it and put the highway back down to ground level. If a recreational trail is built on the abandoned right-of-way, it could be routed to cross 441 at the re-designed intersection with C.R. 25A which now has a traffic light. There is a third bridge that both FDOT and Marion County will have to decide whether to keep or not. It is on "Old 441" or C.R. 25A south of Lowell. I believe that bridge will stay up a while longer, however. It has some age, but it's in very good shape and doesn't carry a huge amount of traffic liked it used to. The replacement or removal of the bridge can probably be put on the back burner for another decade.

If the Gainesville-Leesburg trail is built, riding it from Gainesville to Ocala would be very enjoyable with the scenery at Paynes Prairie and Orange Lake. Riding it from Ocala to Leesburg would be great as well with the rolling hills around Lake Weir. This improvement would need to be made, though: The bridge that carries U.S. 27/441 over the abandoned right-of-way and C.R. 25, north of Lady Lake, would need to be removed and the intersection rebuilt, in my opinion. It wouldn't be cost-effective to replace the bridge for the trail. Motorists would likely benefit from a new C.R. 25 and 27/441 intersection anyway. The new trail could cross 27/441 at that intersection, so a bridge would no longer be needed.

Finally, once you get into Leesburg you would have more scenic views to enjoy such as the Harris Chain-of-Lakes. Also, this trail would likely connect to a possible rail-to-trail from Leesburg to Brooksville. It would cross the Withlacoochee State Trail in Croom. This trail would go through the communities of Center Hill, Webster, and St. Catherine. Center Hill's abandoned downtown could be revitalized. It would be awesome if this "Gainesville to Croom" trail looped back up to Gainesville via the northern end of the Withlacoochee Trail.  It's very possible and would be easy to build. A railroad, now long abandoned, used to run from Dunnellon to Archer (not the existing coal train railroad that runs to Crystal River. It's another one.) Also, there's abandoned right-of-way and existing trails that run parallel with S.R. 24 from Archer to Gainesville. A trail runs further to Rochelle and Hawthorne. There's even abandoned right-of-way between the Rainbow River (at the community of Juliette) and Ocala. This loop could provide about 200 total miles of recreational trail! Furthermore, if you had a loop to ride on you could get back to your starting point without having to ride the same trail back. This is something that I didn't like about riding trails. I should mention that Lake County is wanting to extend the South Lake Trail westward to the Van Fleet State Trail. This will eventually become part of a proposed Coast-to-Coast trail that would run from St. Petersburg to the Atlantic Coast. If the Gainesville-Croom Loop and the Van Fleet spur are built, they would connect to that proposed Coast-to-Coast trail creating a huge network of recreational trails and alternative transportation. This potential expanse is exciting! See image below.

Barry and I are very hopeful about this "loop" being built in the future, and we guarantee that we will be the first riders on it if it's ever built.

This is an editorial-based article. I am an avid biker and a fan of rails-to-trails in Florida.
Barry Cavet is a business planner and a railroad enthusiast. 
The ideas posted here are copyrighted and can not be used without my permission.
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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Site of Atlanta Bridge Collapse - Piedmont Avenue under Interstate 85

Just in case someone's curious, here's what it looked like under the overpass before the fire. GDOT should have built a more solid fence to secure this area. Spending a couple of grand to build a good fence versus the millions to repair the interstate would've been smart. It's too late now. Click photo to enlarge.

Courtesy Google

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Anyone Can Get Cancer Regardless Of Lifestyle

This latest article from ScienceDaily is basically saying that any person can get cancer, regardless of their health, habits, and lifestyle. Don't freak out. This has been true for centuries and is not news. DNA mutations are unavoidable and part of life. However, with today's industrialization and use of chemicals, I believe the risk of a person developing cancer from these mutations is increasing, although it has not become an official fact. It's basically common sense. We can't live without petroleum-based products and chemicals. They're in the air, in the water, and in the food we eat. These chemicals can not be good for our body, and who knows what they can do when they interact with our DNA.

One of the leading cancers that I believe will never be curable is lung cancer. But, most lung cancer cases today CAN BE AVOIDED. Why? Because the major cause of lung cancer that many people want to brush off and ignore is tobacco. I would really like for tobacco to be banned. The enormous amount of suffering, deaths, and medical costs related to tobacco use over the years is appalling to me. I am 43 years old, and in all that time, I have never smoked or had cause to. I have seen a lot of stressful moments in my life, but I have had other ways to deal with them rather than smoke.  I wish I had taken a video of the people I saw in my cancer doctors' offices who were suffering from lung cancer. Of course I wouldn't have been able to put it on Youtube or television because they would have been too graphic. But, suffice it to say, it was very hard to look at them and their suffering and not cry.

The good news is with all of our technological advances and medical breakthoughs, other cancers are becoming easier to treat. One of the last things my oncologist told me at Moffitt Cancer Center was that within five years, most cancers may become more easily treatable and curable. That was four years ago, so it's just around the corner!
I believe my leukemia was caused by exposure to some chemical, and I believe that's what causes most leukemias. I was young, fit, and healthy, plus I never drank or smoked. It came at random and hit me like a rock. If instigated by some chemical, the leukemia would have been created from a DNA mutation caused by that chemical. Leukemia is basically caused by a genetic "error." It corrupts the bone marrow and causes mutated white cells to reproduce out of control. The only way to completely get rid of it (my leukemia, that is) is to destroy the bad bone marrow and get replacement bone marrow from an unrelated matching donor's stem cells (told to me by my oncologist.) As a result, I am completely cured. However, I am still at risk, like everyone else in this world, in getting cancer again. Although, I have a much higher risk of getting it because of all the chemotherapy drugs used to treat my leukemia.

Read the article here:

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hidden Florida Concrete Highway Found

Thank God for the people who created Google Streetview. I was browsing highways in the Volusia County, Florida area and found an old concrete road around Lake Winnemisett east of DeLand and just west of  I-4. This street could also be an old alignment of S.R. 44.

I love old concrete highways in Florida, and to find this one was a real treat! Click to enlarge image.

Image Courtesy of Google

State Road 41 In Dade City

The other day I was on Google Streetview looking at streets in downtown Dade City. While scrolling over streets, I noticed a "State Road 41" circled emblem over 14th Street. At first I thought it might be an error on Google's end, but I got to noticing how that street starts to look like a "state road" when it leaves the city and runs north to Frazee Hill Road. I also noticed, to the south, how it connected to Fort King Road via Coleman Avenue. I believe a long time ago S.R. 41 turned east at Old San Ann Road on to Coleman Avenue. Then it continued to 14th Street and went north. To support this theory, I found an old State Road Department Right-of-Way marker on 14th Street at Long Road. I believe that S.R. 41 then turned west on Frazee Hill Road and continued on to current Spring Valley Road through the community of Blanton (Spring Valley Road is old S.R. 41.) It should be noted that before the 1940's state road re-numbering occurred, this historic road used to be State Road 34.

Click on the image below to view a map that I made to better illustrate my theory. Also, notice on this map the old alignment of S.R. S-577 on Jessamine Road and the old alignment of S.R. 34/41 on Jessamine and James Roads. I got this info. from an old Pasco County road map (see my other road posts.)

Monday, February 13, 2017

Like To Thumbs Down Videos On Youtube?

Does someone you don't like have a Youtube channel and you want to thumbs down all their videos out of spite? Do you like to thumbs down spam videos? Do you like to thumbs down stupid videos? Well, I just found out that Youtube imposes a limit on the number of thumbs downs you are allowed to do. I'm not sure of the exact number but if you thumbs down around ten or more videos per day, the ratings will not show on those videos you've excessively thumbs downed.  For instance, if you've reached the maximum Youtube allows and you want to thumbs down a new video with no ratings, the thumbs down icon will be highlighted, and it will continue to show "0" thumbs down. If you log out of Youtube and go back to that video, you will also see that it continues to have "0" thumbs down.  As a result of reaching the thumbs down limit, you will be put on "probation." Your excessive thumbs downs will not show for two or three days, maybe a week. After you've served your "probation," Youtube will reset the limit, and you can thumbs down more videos until you reach the limit again. Then you're on probation for another few days, and so on.

Youtube says nothing about excessive thumbs-downing in their terms of service. I guess they want to keep it secret that they can do more things as a dictatorship video-sharing platform.

Btw Youtube, if you're going to delete this post because I've exposed you, I have a copy of it on my hard drive and will repost it. I'll continue to repost it over and over again, if you want to play the deleting game with me. I'll also file a lawsuit against you.

Friday, January 13, 2017

How To Find The Door Keypad Code On A 2001 Ford Explorer Sport

Lost or forgot the driver door keypad code on your '01 Explorer Sport? Purchased an '01 Explorer Sport as a used vehicle and need the code? Here's an easy and no-cost way to get it. It took me about five minutes to get my code. Note, this is to locate the factory code only. The code is located on the computer module under the defroster vent on the passenger side. The code should be in this location on all 2001 Ford Explorer Sport SUVs.

Right-click on images to enlarge:

1. Using a straight-blade screwdriver, carefully pry the entire defroster vent off of the dash. Use a straight-up prying motion so that you don't break the clips.

2.  After prying off the entire vent (from passenger side to driver side,) set it out of the way.

3. With the vent removed, this shows the location of the computer module on the passenger side of the dash.

4. Looking through the windshield from outside the vehicle, you can see the computer module exposed by the removal of the defroster vent.

5. Use a flashlight to illuminate the white label. You will have to bend down toward the windshield wiper to be able to see the number. It's in large print (thank God!) and should be easy to read.

6. After you get the number, test it to make sure you didn't misread it. If it works, go ahead and put the defroster vent back on. Be careful to position it correctly, using the edges on the dash as a guide, so that the clips go in easily.

Leave a comment, follow my blog, and check back for more tips that I will post on '01 Explorer Sports