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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Possible New Leukemia Treatment

This article from Science Daily describes a possible new treatment for acute myeloid leukemia, and it may become useful for my disease, as well (acute lymphoblastic leukemia.) Click to read.

Bolstering fat cells offers potential new leukemia treatment

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tampa Electric Installing 600 MW of Solar Power

My electric utility, Tampa Electric, is planning to have 600 megawatts of solar power online by year 2021. Two other utilities in Florida, Duke Energy and Florida Power and Light, are planning to add 2,000 megawatts each in the same time frame. This means that Florida will be producing at least 4,600 megawatts of new solar in the next few years (one megawatt powers about 700 homes and businesses.) This will likely make Florida the second largest solar power producing state in the country. IT'S ABOUT TIME! All of this solar power will significantly decrease power plant carbon emissions in the state, especially in the cooler months of fall and winter when solar PV cells are most efficient. Not only that, but these new solar installations will likely prevent new fossil-fueled plants from having to be built in the future, cutting carbon emissions even further. Click on link to read the article:

Tampa Electric To Increase Solar Generation

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Originally 230 KV, then 138 KV, now 69KV: A Historic Power Line In Tampa

Long time Tampa residents living near Rowlett Park, Busch Gardens, and USF may remember a high voltage power line built on wooden H frame and single wooden poles that cut through neighborhoods. This line ran from the Gannon Station power plant to the transmission substation on Juneau Street south of Waters Ave. It brought power to the developing areas north of downtown Tampa in the 1950's. Originally, it was a 230 kilovolt line that ran north along with a steel lattice power line from the Gannon plant then jogged west over the Hillsborough River just south of Fowler Ave. Many wooden H frame structures still stand on the portion that ran north, and a few H frame structures still stand where the line (now 69 kilovolts) runs through a neighborhood south of Fowler Ave.

2008 Streetview pic showing original H frame pole where the line crossed 56th Street just south of Fowler Ave. Courtesy Google

The line paralleled Fowler Ave. with the H frame wood poles to 30th St. near the Schlitz Brewery. The line then briefly jogged south along 30th St., crossed over, and went west along 113th Ave. as a single pole transmission line (see pic below.) At 22nd St. the line jogged to the south then went west along Bougainvillea Ave. It then went south along Ola Ave. then west again on Linebaugh Ave. It then went south along Albany Ave., went across Busch Blvd., then briefly east to Jones Ave., then south to Waters Ave. It then went briefly west on Waters Ave. then crossed over to the substation on Juneau St. The line looked like this:

Original single pole structure where the line traveled along 22nd Street. This pole was recently replaced in April 2017

Some time later, perhaps in the late 70's or early 80's, most of the line was downgraded to 138 kilovolts, and part of it (where it ran along 22nd St., 113th Ave., and south of Fowler Ave.) was downgraded to 69 kilovolts. The other part of the line (still 138 kv) was rerouted at Bougainvillea Ave. just west of 22nd St. as a new transmission line. It went briefly south then east across 22nd St. It then went south along 26th St. and across Busch Blvd. (near the Sea Wolf Restaurant.) It continued south through Rowlett Park and across the Hillsborough River below the dam. It continued further through eastern Ybor City to the Gannon power plant (see pics below.)

What the line looked like where it crossed Busch Blvd.

This pic is shown again to show what the line looked like where it crossed Rowlett Park, I-4, and the Eastern Ybor City area.

Around 1995, the entire 138 kv line (from Juneau St. to Gannon) was demolished, and upgraded to a higher voltage line. It caused controversy in several Tampa and Temple Terrace neighborhoods because of the big unsightly steel poles. Residents were upset that the local power company upgraded that line without giving them any notice, and the residents took legal action. If you drive and look carefully along some of the streets I mentioned earlier in this article, you can still see some of the original wood poles that carried this historic transmission line. This article and its pics are posted in accordance with the Fair Use Act for educational and historical purposes and is not a homeland security threat.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

God Gave You Common Sense. Use It When Browsing The Web!; Anti-Virus Software Is A Waste Of Money; Plus Tips To Keep Your PC Clean

Years ago, I was obsessed with keeping my PC protected with anti-virus software. I even used to love working on my neighbor's PC because their kids would put viruses on it from using music download sites. I would get a thrill by having malware detected and removed. I have purchased and used both Norton and McAfee, both reputable and effective anti-malware programs. I have to be honest and say that with all the time those two brands were on my PC, hardly any threats were ever found. I'm talking several years! I used to download software from shady websites and visit illegal websites where you could watch TV shows and movies for free. Once in a while, a threat would be detected and removed. However, most of the time it seemed like the antivirus I had on my PC did nothing. I then started to think if I should stop spending money on something that I don't really need. Today though, PCs are much different, and I believe that I no longer need to buy anti-virus software. Computers built today have better firewalls and a greater ability to block malware from your PC. In addition, most have automatic updates and security scans that fight viruses and malware, as well. For example, Microsoft offers a free anti-virus scanner with Windows 10. There are also reputable companies that offer free trial versions, like Malwarebytes and Kaspersky. These anti-virus services are virtually identical to the ones you pay for (as far as quality and ease of use,) but you don't have to pay for them. Plus, with some, you can delete the cookies off your computer and reinstall the trial versions when they run out (hee hee.) I have gone nearly three years without buying anti-virus software. You may think I'm stupid for not having it, but my PC is clean, plus I have had absolutely zero incidents with identity theft or financial fraud.

Today, if a malware infection compromises your personal information, it's much easier to fix! Financial institutions offer more effective safety measures and alerts to deter identity and financial theft. They also offer protection insurance, and if you report a suspicious transaction and can provide proof that you didn't make it, the institution will almost always reverse it. I was a victim of identity theft in 2005. I had high dollar fraudulent transactions appear on a credit card, and it scared the shit out of me. However, since I checked my statement often, I detected the fraud, reported it to the credit card company, and the charges were reversed. So, they WILL help you out if you cooperate and give them the information they want. Next, all three credit bureaus offer free credit reports and methods to block fraudulent activity. You should get a copy of your credit report from all three bureaus once a year and review it thoroughly. Additionally, you can detect and prevent fraud by checking your account statements once a month. It's also a good idea to go online and check your accounts AT LEAST once a week.You need to take the time and effort to do this. I know it's a pain in the ass, but it could be well worth the trouble. The sooner a fraudulent transaction is detected, the easier it is to get it reversed and the less likely you'll have to eat it.

You may be worried about malware infecting your computer and ruining it. I will have to say that these occurrences are getting rarer now. But, even without malware, it's possible for a hard drive to malfunction or a power surge to destroy the entire PC. Everyone who owns a computer should backup its files at least every six months. If malware causes you to lose a hard drive, it's not that hard to fix if you backed up your files and saved your PC's installation media. You can even fix it yourself if you know how to replace a hard drive. However, if you don't back up your files and you've lost your installation media, you will need to get a new computer. You would be better off just getting a new one instead of buying replacement software and a hard drive to repair your old PC. The costs wouldn't be that much different. A last thought about backups: If you had precious photos, scanned copies of documents, financial records, etc. on a hard drive that failed, there is a very high chance that they will be lost. Back them up regularly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, is it really necessary now to buy anti-virus software? I no longer think it is, and I will not buy it again. You can take some common sense measures yourself to prevent viruses or malware from invading your PC. First, stay away from ALL porn sites or sites, like Myvidster, that link to porn or dangerous sites. If you can't control your urge to watch porn, then make sure you do it on a PC that you won't use to access your financial or personal information. In other words, don't watch it on the same PC that you use to login to your online banking. Also, if you can't go without watching porn, then install Firefox and use it to browse those sites (see below for more on Firefox.) Next, on websites you're not familiar with or trust, be very careful not to click on any advertisements. Many of the ads on suspicious websites or websites that are not well-known have executable files that install and run automatically if you click on an ad. Many of them contain malware and spyware. Some of them even go into your PC and make unauthorized changes to your computer's settings. If you want your web browsing to be ad-free and safer, then install and use Mozilla Firefox, and install the Adblocker Plus and the Ublock Origin add-ons. They do an excellent job at blocking most ads and suspicious websites. If the ads aren't there, you can't click on them! Read this carefully: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER click or fall for any pop-up boxes that say things like "Your PC is infected with a virus, click here to remove it" or "Your browsing history is being tracked right now, click here to remove it." or the dreaded "We have detected illegal download activity on your computer, call this number now to avoid arrest" messages. Reputable firms and government agencies will NEVER put up messages like that on your PC. If the government wants to get in touch with you for a serious offense, they will be knocking on your door not sending you little messages to your PC. Use common sense people! Third, when you do a web search to buy music or software for your PC, don't automatically click on the first results that show up on your search. Look at the website(s) in the search results, and make sure they are reputable (like Microsoft.com, itunes, Bestbuy.com, Dell.com, etc.) Never download software from generic websites who have addresses like software.com, windowsupgrade.com, freeantivirus.com, etc. Most websites like those will almost always have malware and spyware that may get on to your PC. Again, use common sense! Finally, don't install add-ons or software that downloads and saves to your computer videos from Youtube, porn sites, or other video sharing sites. You run a VERY HIGH risk of downloading and installing malware and spyware on your computer. Not only that, but keep in mind that if you save those videos to your computer and reupload them to your video sharing site as your own videos, you are committing theft and video piracy. It is possible for governmental authorities to detect and track this type of behavior if it's reported. Remember, your computer and high-speed internet both have an IP address that's easily traceable by police agencies!

I honestly think that purchasing anti-virus or anti-malware software is no longer necessary. Save your money. Just use the free services I mentioned above, use Firefox to browse the web, and use common sense when visiting websites and clicking on things. I believe your PC will be fine.

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Twin Peaks Has To Have A Fourth Season!

Warning. There are spoilers!

Well, the third season is done. Overall, it kicked ass and was very well directed and produced. I kept my eyes glued to the T.V. during most of the episodes. The characters and actors were brilliant! Speaking of brilliant, David Lynch, as always, did an excellent job dishing out headaches while viewers struggle to analyze each episode.

Credit Showtime

Everyone was counting on a complete resolution and explanation of all events in this cult of a T.V. show. It didn't happen, and you should've figured that out when you read the title of this post. I don't think there will ever be a concrete explanation of Twin Peaks. I believe Lynch and Mark Frost want to keep it that way, so we will use our imaginations and come up with our own resolutions. I was happy, however, to see a few mysteries explained in Season 3: We found out what created Bob and the evil misdoings of the entire TP series, we finally know what "Judy" is, and we get a better understanding of the "Tulpas" and doppelgangers which may have been presented to us as far back as The Pilot.

One major clue that was given to us in the first episode of season 3 is "listen to the sounds." This is very important if you want to link events with others and if you seek explanations for those events. Lynch and Frost brilliantly selected sounds and music cues to help us in that respect. To understand Twin Peaks better, you have to have an appreciation for the sound cues and music.

Getting back to the finale, there is one part that I found VERY interesting. It was the part where Cooper was taken to the Great Northern Hotel basement (where he had to use his old hotel key for room 315) Connection note: While Cooper was in the purple ocean building with Naido in Episode Three, the numbers 3 and 15 were present on the electrical socket portal . The number 15 appeared on it first before Cooper and Naido went outside the building. When Cooper came back in without Naido, the number 3 appeared on it. I also noted another interesting connection: 15:00 is military time for 3:00 PM. I'm trying to figure what all this is about, but it can't be a coincidence with Cooper's motel room number. Moving on, as soon as Cooper unlocked the door and went in, he was met by Mike who chanted the Fire Walk With Me poem. While watching that scene, I was somehow reminded of the Owl Cave map that I have studied at length. Interestingly, the map shows the fire symbol next to the waterfall, which seems to be the same spot where the Great Northern is.

While I'm talking about Mike, I want to mention that I recently watched the European version of the Twin Peaks pilot (the extended alternate version.) When Cooper and Truman met Mike in the hospital morgue, Mike told them "I was watching Mr. Cooper for over a year waiting for Bob to come out again. I've known of your interest in the results of his endeavors." This obviously ties in to the third season and evil Mr. Cooper. This is an interesting connection that I will be contemplating for a while. It could explain in more detail what the third season is really about (Who is the dreamer? Is it future or is it past?, etc.)

Another tie-in to the special 3:00 PM time is toward the end of Season 2 Episode 9 ("Arbitrary Law".) When Cooper, Truman, Hawk, Major Briggs and the rest meet at The Road House, the clock shows that it's almost 3:00 PM. Cooper then has his vision of the Fireman, gets his ring back, and finds out that Leland killed Laura (as Bob.) 3:00 PM is very significant in the Twin Peaks universe, and it has to be the designated time that the two "worlds" meet.

There are still lots of questions I have with this series and some of them are sort of "cliffhangers" to a possible fourth season:

How did Dougie's wedding ring end up in Major Briggs' stomach?

I know that the Major didn't have an appetite for gold rings, but how did it get in there and why?

Why did Cooper's tulpa, Dougie Jones, live in Las Vegas?

I still can't figure out what significance Las Vegas has in the series. Was it just a random place for Dougie to inhabit after he was created? Janey-E, who lives in Las Vegas, is Diane's half sister, so that may have something to do with it.

   What is the significance of Buenos Aires and the black box that turned into a bead?

I do remember in the "Fire Walk With Me Missing Pieces" film, that Philip Jefferies asked if a "Miss Judy" was staying at his hotel in Buenos Aires. I also remember his disappearance and reappearance that caused the "shit to come out of the bellhop's ass." Could the fact that he asked about "Judy" in Buenos Aires get the lodge spirits' attention and they took him to the convenience store? Here are some Jefferies quotes from "Missing Pieces" to contemplate:  "Well now, I'm not going to talk about Judy, in fact we're not going to talk about Judy at all, we're going to leave her out of this." "Judy is positive about this." "I found something at Judy's in Seattle." He then moaned "The ring, the ring."

 Is Judy "The Experiment?"

We know what Judy is. But, we never saw her in the flesh. I believe she is "The Experiment." Gordon Cole did call Judy an "extreme negative force." This obviously means that she was evil. The Experiment created Bob, a force of pure evil, so Judy and the Experiment are likely the same.

Is the Fireman's house the White Lodge?

I think it is highly likely. There are two reasons: When Evil Cooper is brought there from Jack Rabbit's Palace, he is in some sort of cage in the theater room probably because he is evil, and evil is not allowed to roam free there (if it's really the White Lodge.) Also, Major Briggs' head was seen floating in the theater room. Since the major is destined to reside in the White Lodge (because of his good nature,) I believe the Major's spirit was in that room. The White Lodge and the Fireman's house, therefore, are very likely the same. One final thought: I believe the Fireman never went by the name "The Giant." He has likely been known as the "Fireman" for his entire existence.

What was Senorita Dido?

Off the top of my head, I'm curious how many people have jokingly called her Senorita Dildo😁. We still don't know what Senorita Dido was. But, I'm pretty sure she was a good spirit, maybe an angel? Going back to the "Fire Walk With Me Missing Pieces" film, I remember the hotel clerk handed Philip Jefferies an envelope and said that "The Senorita left this for you." I wonder if this was Senorita Dido. I also went back to the Owl Cave map for another interesting thought. The large and small humanoid figures at the top left could be the Fireman and Senorita Dido. The Fireman is tall. Senorita Dido is short. In Season 2, Agent Cooper thought they were the Giant and Little Man (Man From Another Place.)  I think he was half wrong.

What's going on with Audrey Horne?

No explanation was ever given with what happened to her in Episode 16. I think she was either still in a coma or dead from the bank explosion in Season Two, and the woman we saw in this season was a tulpa. In episode 13, she started panicking and said "I'm not me." That's a solid indication that she is a tulpa. The question now is what has happened to the real Audrey, and why was her tulpa "manufactured." I should note that during her final scene, the crackling electric sounds accompanying her presence in that white room were the same electrical sounds that we heard while power lines were shown and the sounds we heard when the Woodsmen were on the side of the road in Episode 8.

Who is the guy drooling blood in the jail cell?

I would've liked to have known who the bum with the bleeding mouth was in the Twin Peaks jail cell across from Deputy Chad. Because he repeated things that people said, I believe he was a manufactured double just like Dougie was manufactured. He repeated things just like Cooper (as Dougie) did. But, who was it that was duplicated? Maybe Billy?

Laura is still lost. What happened to her?

Even though Laura Palmer's murder is prevented, we don't know what happened to her and why Cooper remembers her after things were "changed." A big shock at the end of the final episode is the Palmer house's owners are different (they are now the Chalfonts and Tremonds from Season Two and FWWM.) This is an interesting tie-in to the other Twin Peaks seasons and FWWM. I'm reminded of a scene from Season 1 Episode 2, "Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer," when Leland danced with Laura's picture and went ballastic. Sarah came in and tried to get the picture away from him. After Leland broke down crying, Sarah screamed "What is going on in this house?" Interesting.

What is inhabiting Sarah Palmer? 

Courtesy Showtime

Speaking of Sarah Palmer, a major question that remains unanswered is: What's happening with her? In her last scene, she (or the entity, possibly the Experiment, possessing her) seems really pissed about something with Laura. The Experiment created Bob in Episode Eight. Now, nine episodes later when Bob is destroyed, Sarah, possibly being the Experiment, gets really angry. She stabs Laura's portrait profusely, likely enraged that Laura was sent to defeat Bob and was successful. Sarah could be possessed by something else, also. She may be the 1956 teenage girl from Episode Eight, and the "bug" that crawled inside her created some other possessive evil force. If there's any solid indication that Sarah is not herself, the scene of her destroying Laura's picture was it. I was hoping to see more of an explanation of Sarah and her possessor in the season finale. Plus, I would like to have seen The Experiment again during the supernatural scenes of the episode, especially after the violent scene with Bob.

So, with the examples I mentioned above that weren't resolved, I believe it is highly likely that David Lynch and Mark Frost will add another season to the series. Season Three kicked ass and had a lot of viewers. The question will be whether or not it made the big wigs lots of money. That's another factor that will determine if there will be a Season Four.

I'm certainly not done with this post. I will be adding more thoughts and analyses in the coming days after I finish digesting the season finale. Check back.

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

First 'Living Drug' For Tough Childhood Leukemia

This is a revolutionary and exciting drug that can possibly treat relapse of all leukemias. The drug could also be a treatment option if a patient is unable to get a stem cell transplant. Additionally, it could be used to treat other stubborn cancers, besides leukemia, in the future. Click to read the press release from Novartis, the producer of the drug:


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

My Flickr Page

I am posting photos on my Flickr page again. Most of them show some of my interests. You'll also see cute and funny pictures to help brighten your day. Check it out.

My Flickr Page

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 14

I'm going to come right out and say it, episode 14 KICKED ASS! I have never had my eyes glued to a T.V. for a whole hour until that episode aired. I think Season 3 is going to answer a lot of questions that are still unanswered from Season 2 and "Fire Walk With Me."

First, we find out that Diane is Janey-E's estranged half-sister. We now know that Diane, Evil Mr. Cooper, Dougie Jones, Major Briggs, Bill Hastings, and Ruth Davenport are all connected. But, what I want to know is who manufactured Dougie "for a purpose" and why. 

Next, we finally find out what the "Blue Rose" is all about and how it got started. It originated from a conflict involving a person meeting her doppelganger. Could something similar happen again when Dougie/Agent Cooper meets his doppelganger? In addition, Gordon Cole tells us about the dream he had and his unusual encounter with Philip Jefferies at the FBI's Philadelphia office in 1989. I wonder who the dreamer of the dreamer is. I believe we are closer to finding out what involvement Jefferies has in all of this.

Truman's group takes a hike in the woods to Jack Rabbit's Palace. They find a portal in the woods (another vortex similar to the one Cole saw in Buckhorn) along with a naked woman lying on the ground. Major Briggs led everyone to this place. I wonder if this is the same spot where he disappeared in Season 2 Episode 10 (when Briggs and Cooper were sitting by the fire at the end of the episode.) If it is, I believe this portal is an entrance to the White Lodge. Briggs, after returning from his disappearance in S2 E10, told Cooper and Harry Truman that he believed he was taken to the White Lodge. When Andy disappeared, I believe he was taken to the White Lodge, as well. The Fireman shows Andy bad events from the past and gives him a "mission" to seemingly combat them. Who is the naked Asian woman?  This is the same eyeless woman that Agent Cooper saw in the building above the purple ocean in episode 3. She is of vital importance for some reason and must be protected. I find it curious that the noises she was making in the jail cell sounded very much like noises a monkey would make. Remember the monkey that whispered "Judy" in "Fire Walk With Me?"

The last awesome scene in this episode, that made my jaw drop to the ground, was the scene with Sarah Palmer in the bar. I'll bet the farm and say she's possessed. This was first noted in a previous episode when Sarah was talking to herself while leaving the grocery store. The question is: Is she possessed by an evil spirit? Watching her take her face off (like a mask) reminded me of the mask references in "Fire Walk With Me." It also reminded me of the scene of Laura taking her face off while speaking with Cooper in the red room in Season 3 E1. I noted something very interesting, though, right after Sarah "took her face off." I briefly saw a hand with a thick and dark ring finger. This is the same finger that wears the Owl Cave ring.

Credit Showtime

This episode tied a lot of things together and has gotten my thinking cap really working this week. I can't wait for Episode 15...

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My Reaction To Charlottesville's Violent Rally...

This is the avatar I posted on the right side of my blog.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Solar Panels Have A Dirty Secret

I recently wrote a post about a Florida utility ramping up on solar. I was excited about it, but now, after reading a new report, that has changed.

Solar photovoltaics may not be the environmentally-friendly way to produce electricity that it's hyped up to be. There is a dark side to it that is hardly mentioned: The disposal of the panels once they reach the end of their lifespan. The article below is an eye-opener, and it mentions that solar panels create much more toxic waste than nuclear power. This could become a major problem in the near future when older and recently produced panels need to be disposed of. It also mentions that the production of solar panels creates large amounts of carbon dioxide while increasing emissions of a dangerous chemical considered to be an extremely potent greenhouse gas. I think I'm going to have to reevaluate solar panels as a form of clean energy. Click on links to read both articles:



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Friday, July 28, 2017

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 11 Thoughts

I know it's a little late for this post, but with me getting everything situated to move out of my house, I haven't had the time to post my take on this episode.

It started out great! We find out that Miriam survived the beating by Richard, excuse me, Dick Horne, and her trailer never blew up. Hopefully, we may see Richard's little ass get nailed in the next episode after Miriam goes to the sheriff.

In the last episode (10,) we saw Laura's ghostly figure in front of Gordon Cole. In this episode, Gordon and his team go to the site where Hastings and Ruth Davenport saw Major Briggs. This site was the location of a strange portal, maybe another entrance into the Black Lodge but very different from Glastonbury Grove. We see a Woodsman lurking around the portal. The others in Gordon's team see strange things as well. Gordon almost gets pulled into that portal, but he does not look surprised or terrified at seeing it. Maybe he's seen this before and knows what it is (He works with Blue Rose cases.) Then something terrifying happens. The same Woodsman enters the police car and blasts a hole in Hasting's head, killing him. Did he just get punished for bringing Gordon's team to the portal?

At the end, Cooper's (Dougie's) avoiding getting killed is pretty neat. Mike, in the Black Lodge, lures him into a bakery to get that cherry pie. It's this pie (envisioned by one of the Mitchum brothers in a dream) that keeps Cooper alive. Remember in a previous episode that Mike told him "You must not die."

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 10

In the last post I wrote (about episode 9,) I was very happy with Lynch and Frost putting music cues in from the old seasons and "Fire Walk With Me." They did it again in episode 10 with a piece of "Stair Danger" and a cue that I believe was played while Laura was in Harold Smith's apartment in "Fire Walk With Me." Awesome.

Now to the real reason I wrote this post. The episode started off with bad-tempered child killer Richard Horne. I wonder how many viewers call Richard by the short name Dick. It fits him. I thought he was nasty in previous episodes. He's much worse in this one! After finding out that Miriam notified the sheriff of his involvement in the hit and run that killed a child, he breaks into her trailer, knocks her unconscious, turns on the gas in the oven, and lights a candle. The trailer never explodes, and we don't know whether or not Miriam died. The show already starts off with a cliffhanger.

The next scene with asshole Richard is when he goes to his grandmother's place (Sylvia Horne) and terrorizes her for money. By the way, Richard, you have a real piece-of-shit car! In this scene, we finally find out that Richard is very likely Audrey Horne's son. I seriously doubt that he could be Johnny Horne's son. But, with this series, we could be surprised later down the road. Since Audrey is most likely Richard's mother, the father is probably John Justice Wheeler from season 2. He and Audrey did have sex in that plane in Season 2 Episode 20. I have read in other forums that Cooper's doppelganger may have impregnated Audrey while she was in the hospital recovering from the bank explosion (which happened in the final episode of season 2.) But, I don't think that's likely. It would explain why Richard is so evil, though.

I would really like to see Richard get taken out in a future episode. I would laugh my ass off if he got killed by a Woodsman the same way the others were killed in episode 8.  Guys like Richard deserve it, or worse. What really bothers me is that there are people in the real world who behave just like him because of drugs. Nothing else matters to them. They willingly hurt innocent people without a care just to keep their drug habit going and get away with crimes. This is another reason you shouldn't do drugs, kids!

Enough about the low-life Richard. It was nice to see The Log Lady again, and I hope to see more of her in future episodes.

There are two new developments shown in this episode to get my thinking cap going again while I wait for episode 11: Laura Palmer's ghostly appearance before Cole and the picture of Cooper's doppelganger in the New York penthouse with the glass box. Who is the other guy with him? Is there a third person next to that guy?

Credit Showtime

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