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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Change Your Google Accounts Password ASAP!!!

I'm sure you've heard of the Heartbleed internet bug which is supposed to be the worst security breach ever on the internet. I seriously recommend that you change your password as recommended in the article below. Make sure you read the whole article because they recommend not changing your password yet for banks, Amazon, Ebay, etc. Keep up to date on this news story. Also, log-in and check your bank and credit card accounts EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heartbleed Internet Security Breach

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Extreme Florida Weather

Going through my stored pictures on my computer, I found this screen pic I made off the National Weather Service website on January 10, 2010 when I checked the weather forecast that day. Just thought it was neat and wanted to post it. Picture courtesy of National Weather Service...

Right click and "open in new tab" to enlarge.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Vintage Florida Road Map

I have a Rand McNally Florida road map book from 1988, and thought someone might enjoy how Florida's highways were laid out 26 years ago. Right click on image, then open link in a new tab to see the full size image. The first photo has two pages of the book showing most of central Florida. The second image is a map of the Tampa/St.Pete area. I have images of more pages showing other areas of Florida. If you want to see them, contact me. These images are copyrighted to Rand McNally. Do not copy these images and post them on Flickr or any other website. I'll find them.

Interesting notes on this map = Hwy. 35 in Belleview is labeled C.R. 35, it's a state road today; Hwy. 40 between U.S. 41 and Ocala is labeled as a county road. It's a state road today; Glenwood, near DeLand, has C.R. 40A. In fact, S.R. 40 used to stop at Barberville, run south along U.S. 17 to DeLand, then east to New Smyrna Beach, not to Ormond Beach; In Lake County, S.R. 44 follows its old alignment north of Tavares instead of being multi-plexed with U.S. 441; The exit numbers on the turnpike are multiples of five; Hwy. 33 is labeled as a state road between Leesburg and Mascotte; Current S.R. 17 from Haines City to Frostproof is labeled U.S. Alt. 27; C.R. 577 from San Antonio to C.R. 41 is shown going to the old C.R. 41 Jessamine/James Road alignment instead of going through St. Joseph and over I-75; Hwy. 420 between Masaryktown and C.R. 41 is C.R. 576 today; Hwy 54 east of Zephyrhills runs south into downtown/5th Ave. It is also marked as a state road only between Odessa and Land O' Lakes. None of the current toll roads (except the turnpike, the Beeline Expressway, and East-West Expressway in Orlando) exist on this map.

Interesting notes on this map: Bearrs Ave. did not exist east of U.S. 41, 30th St./Bruce B. Downs Blvd. was multi-plexed with Skipper Rd.; The Tampa Dog Track and Lowry Park's Fairyland was marked on this map; I-75 east of Tampa was just completed when this map was printed; Busch Blvd. is not shown between I-275 and Dale Mabry Highway; Tampa Stadium is marked on the map instead of Raymond James Stadium.

Click on these links to see more vintage Florida road maps, including very old maps with some of Florida's earliest highways built. The first two maps have different highway numbers than today because they're pre-1945 maps. Florida underwent a drastic highway renumbering in 1945 (as seen on  the third map):



(interesting notes on this third map: U.S. 98 is not shown on this map between Brooksville and the bottom of the map. I believe at the time this map was printed, U.S. 98 did not run south of Perry. Also, at the very bottom of the map south of Lutz, look at the U.S. 41 / Florida Ave. split. Notice on Florida Ave. that you can barely see the U.S. 541 banner. When this map was printed, Florida Ave. was signed U.S. 541 instead of U.S. Business 41.)

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Posted last year...

It is going to be an extremely difficult Christmas for the families of the Sandy Hook tragedy victims. I can not express what they will be going through next week. They will need strength. If you are a Christian, or if you believe in prayer, please pray for those families.

I am very hopeful that the victims are in heaven now. In a sense, they are much better off. The way this world is going, they are in a much better place. I wish I could say that a tragedy like this will never happen again, but it will. The only things that I see which will reduce the number of tragedies that we face is that we take our heads out of the sand, become more observant of the people around us, report suspicious activity no matter how insignificant it is, pay attention to people who may need psychological help, and support stricter punishment for criminal offenders.

There are evil forces here that are going to get more people to do more horrendous things. It is the duty of Christians now that we start fighting back. This includes fighting the people who want to take God out of our country because I believe this is what is causing those evil forces to gain a better foothold.

On Christmas morning, give your children an extra hug and tell them that you love them.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Birthday and A Major Milestone In My Life

Today, I have reached the biggest milestone I have ever approached. I have lived to reach 40 years old! I survived one of the deadliest cancers a person can get. I can only give God credit for reaching this milestone, and I don't deserve it. I will be even more grateful when I reach another big age: 50. I will be at risk for other health problems and cancers for the rest of my life, so if I make it to 50, I will only praise Him more. I thank God everyday for my blessings, not the least of which is being able to get out of bed every morning. Every day of the year should be Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving should not focus on turkey or the pilgrims arriving at Plymouth Rock!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Finding Old State Roads in Florida

Someone wanted to know how I find the vintage road signs that I post on this blog. First, I look for decommissioned state roads using Google Streetview. I also know many back roads in Central Florida that were former state roads, so I've got experience in what to look for. To find old state roads and vintage signs for yourself, use these clues...

-Vintage state road shield signs still up at intersections with modern state roads. View an example here...

C.R. 65 at S.R. 12, Quincy

-Vintage green FDOT directional signs still up at intersections with modern state roads and/or signs still up on county roads. View an example here...

Eastbound CR 48 at SR 471 in Bevilles Corner,  CR 48 used to be a state road

-Google Streetview (mapview) shows some county roads as state roads with the highway number circled (county highway numbers are supposed to be within a rectangle.) This is a clue that they used to be state roads a long time ago.

-Viewing the roads from above on Streetview, or actual driving, you can see concrete ditches along some county roads in hilly areas. This was standard practice for the SRD or FDOT to prevent erosion when they used to be state roads. See picture below...

Old Concrete Ditch and Right-of-Way Marker on Fort King Rd in Dade City,
formerly SR 41

-If you look closely on the side of the road (being careful of course not to cause an accident!,) you can find small concrete markers sticking out of the ground labeled SRD R/W. This marks the right-of-way of an old or current state road. The SRD means State Road Department which is now FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation.) I'm not sure but these old markers may be 50 to 60 years old. See above picture.

-Look at the poles that highway signs are attached to on county roads. Any round aluminum poles still up belonged to the SRD or FDOT when that road used to be a state road. It should be noted that some counties such as Alachua, Lake, and Polk Counties have installed new round poles on all their county roads, so finding old state road round poles in those counties is pretty much impossible now. Look at the Bevilles Corner sign above and view the pole for an example.

Yep, I am definitely a die-hard road geek!

Cancer treatment's insidious side effect: 'chemo brain' - FOX 13 News

Just read this article about the side effects of chemotherapy on the brain. To be honest, after reading this I said to myself, "Uh, oh." After receiving massive amounts of chemotherapy four years ago, including chemotherapy from sixteen spinal taps, I would be lying if I said my brain was normal. I don't concentrate like I used to. My reading comprehension is worse, I have to read sentences twice to grasp the main idea. I leave items laying around and forget where I've put them. In addition, my left arm still does not have 100% feeling after the MRSA incident in 2009. I believe I will be this way for the rest of my life. I just hope it doesn't get worse as I grow older. But, hey, I'm alive. I can take care of myself. I can work hard. And, I'm still very intelligent. All in all, I've made out out pretty well!

Cancer treatment's insidious side effect: 'chemo brain' - FOX 13 News

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'm Disturbed... (10/24: not anymore)

Thank you for those who have contacted me. It's great to know that my blog is helping someone out there.

I'm still having trouble getting my comments form to work. Until I get it fixed, please just send me an email at cliffhanger36@live.com to contact me. Thank you!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Improvements Of Successful Anticancer Drug Ingredients

This article talks about a huge increase in potency of the chemo drugs vinblastine and vincristine. Unimproved vincristine is, in itself, extremely powerful. During my maintenance chemo, I used to get small doses by injection, and I would be out of commission for two days! I can't image what the new improved version can do. This is a HUGE milestone on the road to finding a cure to many forms of cancer! If you are a cancer patient in relapse, I would DEFINITELY talk to your doctor about this article! Click on the link to read it...

Extremely potent, improved derivatives of successful anticancer drug created

Friday, September 6, 2013

Airtight Homes Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

All the rave about energy efficiency today is forcing new homes to be well-insulated and airtight. Many people don't realize that this can be bad for your health. If a home is well-insulated and air tight, there's a good chance that harmful chemical aerosols can build up and cause a wide array of respiratory and other health issues, maybe even cancer. This is because an airtight house can not receive fresh air from the outside and vent out stale, contaminated air from the inside. Most people don't realize, also, that oxygen levels in an airtight house can get depleted. When this occurs, a person can get mild hypoxia and/or carbon dioxide poisoning. Think about how airtight a space shuttle or a submarine is! An airtight house is no different.

A combination of  the two factors above can make a person ill, maybe seriously. Unexplained sicknesses can be attributed to airtight houses. Also, who knows what can happen when exposed to concentrated levels of chemical aerosols from cleaners, paint, new carpet, etc. Since I had leukemia, I am much more concerned!

I make it a standard practice to ventilate my home on a regular basis. Since it is summer now, it is impractical to open the windows, so I use both of my bathroom exhaust fans and slightly crack a window at night to change the air while I sleep. In the cooler months, I will, obviously, open a window, or I will pull in air from my attic during the day. This also helps heat the house and save money on my electric bill!

I recommend that if you do have an airtight house that you take steps to ensure regular air changes, especially if you are medically-confined or a shut-in. It can make you feel better and improve your health.  Also, keep in mind that having a top-of-the-line air filter and/or houseplants is not good enough, you still need to replenish the oxygen in the house at high-volumes.

UPDATE 2/13/14: I can't believe I didn't put something in this post about radon gas. It can seep in from the ground through floors and foundations that are not sealed well. It then can build up and get trapped in well-insulated homes as well. Radon gas is known to cause cancer. It occurs everywhere in the U.S. though it is more prevalent in the northern and western part of the country. Kits are sold at big-box and hardware stores to detect radon. I STRONGLY recommend that all well-insulated homes have one!